Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Playwood itu pelakon itu

Haduh kenapa harus ada drama itu di TV3?
Kalau aku jadi orang atasan TV3,dah lama aku reject cerita macamtu
Bagilah cerita yang membuatkan penonton berotak sikit..

Friday, 1 November 2013


waiting for my convocation...hehe
First time tau,xpernah lagi nak konvo..Excited..Pada masa yang sama,berharap segalanya berjalan lancar
Baju dah siap,kasut dah ada, tudung ja belum..hadui...mana nak cari tudung cream yang sesuai ni...

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

sudah2la menangis

Biasala tu
Biasala tu
Jatuh lagi?
Biasala tu
Xdapat apa yang diimpikan?
Biasalah tu

Hidup untuk dunia,memang payah nak terima kalau dunia xmenerima
Hidup untuk akhirat? Dunia pulak terkontang kanting
Hidup untuk tuhan,tenang selamanya..

Pesanan khas untukku

Sudah2la menangis...sudah2la hidup dalam kenangan..sudah2l jadi hamba yang cintakan dunia...sudah2la Jannah...T_T

#Tuhan, tolong buatkan aku redha..

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Aku dan aku...

Malam ni sebelum tidoq, aku nak listkan siapa diri aku dan apa yang aku suka..haha..tetiba jakan..A'aa..entah, tetiba ja nak menaip...

1) Aku lahir kat Penang tapi dibesarkan di Perlis...Sebab dah lama kat Perlis, aku mengaku ja orang Perlis kalau orang tanya asal aku..n kalau sokong bola, maybe aku sokong Perlis lagik kot..haha

2) Makanan kegemaran: Nasik ayam, nasik goreng ayam, bihun sup ayam, tomyam, sup ayam, ayam goreng, kambing bakaq (tetiba ada kambing) hehe, dan hakikatnya aku ni penggemar daging kambing tegar..

3) Aku suka makan agaq2 sirap, agaq2 milo, agaq2 susu dan semua jenis agaq2..haha..

4) Minuman kegemaran: Yogurt, susu, teh o ais limau dan sirap

5) Kek kegemaran: Red Velvet, Butterscotch, Tiramisu, Cheese cake (faktor utama kegemukan aku)haha

6) Pernah try diet tapi fail sebab xikhlas nak diet (Sekarang masih diet tapi entahla...macam nak fail ja plak,hahaha)

7) Suka masuk pertandingan..Antaranya pertandingan Karaoke hari Raya, Pertandingan Baju Raya lawa, Tilawah Al-Quran, Syarahan Bahasa Arab, Kuiz, lepar cakera, makan epal tergantung-gantung dan Cabutan Bertuah yang jarang bertuah..(Apa punya pertandinganla yang aku masuk ni)

8) Banyak kawan2 istimewa yang hebat..Jadik banyak terinspirasi dengan mereka untuk jadi hebat..

9) Bercita-cita untuk menjadi orang kaya..biasala...ada ka orang nak jadik miskin..manada kan..

10) Dengar muzik ikut mood, pagi suka muzik yang rancak (senang bangun), malam suka yang sentimental sket (senang tidoq)

11) Lelaki idaman: yang SOLEH, hensem di mata aku, sukakan ilmu (ilmu yang baik2la,ilmu hitam xmaula nok) sayang mak ayah dan family aku sangat2.

12) Aku suka warna unggu, unggu dan unggu....hahahaha...sekali lagi aku suka warna unggu.

13) Aku suka kumpul keychain..Banyak koleksi keychain aku..

14) Cita2 aku selain menjadi orang kaya, aku harap one day aku dapat menjadi pengembara yang dapat menangkap gambaq secantik gambaq2 Ustaz Azhar Idrus, Saiful Nang dan menjadikan gambar2 tersebut sebagai inspirasi untuk mereka2 yang mahukan keredhaan Allah..gitu..tinggi tak cita2 aku..haha..maksud aku gambar2 yang memberi faedah dan mendekatkan masyarakat dengan Allah ler..

15) Aku ingin menjadi lain dari yang lain..dan aku harap aku memang xsama dengan yang lain..

Friday, 4 October 2013

Tips from Kevin Zahri..

So far, these are the tips that i got from Kevin Zahri through his FB..haha, i also plan to lose my weight yaw! So pray for me!!

Friday, 27 September 2013

~The unforgettable travel story to South Korea : The passport lost in the middle~

         Last year, when my university, International Islamic University Malaysia had announced  in its website about the selection of participants for the Educational Visit to South Korea, I said to myself that, wow, this gonna be my chance to go abroad. In fact, I never have the opportunity to go outside Malaysia, even the nearest one to my state which is Thailand. Therefore, I tried to apply to this program and  after went through the selections including interview, the organizer called me and said, "Congratulation Jannah! You are our one of the 35 participants  that have been selected to go to South Korea...Woowoot!!(Chicken dance) hahaha.  This trip was fully sponsored by my university as a sign of acknowledgement to the students who have a good performance in academic and also have participated actively in co-curriculum. Thank God for opening their heart to choose me..hehe=)

Therefore, after settled down with my passport and everything, finally, on 25th June 2012, my friends and i were departed from LCCT Kuala Lumpur to Incheon airport at 8.20 a.m.

I was really excited to join this trip because as I mentioned before, I never have a chance to travel abroad for free since i didn't really afford to pay for the trip. In fact, I was informed by the organizer that the cost per person in my trip is almost  RM 5K.. Phewww, no money, no walk dear.

                      Can't take my eyes on seeing this beautiful sky...Subhanallah..How lucky I am..

Despite of feeling happy and excited, I can't deny that I also felt  a bit nervous and uneasy. Even a few days before the trip, I didn't feel good. And maybe these were the signs upon something bad that gonna happen to me...(Yeah, who knows)..

It took almost 6 hours to arrive at Incheon Airport..While walking into the Incheon Airport I didn't realize that the floor was quite slippery for my shoes, then suddenly i fell down. It's in front of public you know!Shame on me..huhu.. To cover up, i quickly stood up and said to my friends " This is the bad sign you know,hahaha...While laughing with my friends, i did not notice that, there was "something" that has been missing from my hand during i was falling."Something" that tremendously important in my life that will block me to enter this any country in the world if i lost it.

I bet you know it.Yea,. it was my passport!!!!!! Again..My passport has misssinggggg in the airport of South Korea!!!!

Since I was in charge to keep the passport covers of my friends, so, I didn't realize that I actually lost my passport until i reached at the Immigration Service. I thought I have it since there were many passport covers in my bag. Unfortunately, there were nothing inside except for the covers.

Only God knew how i felt at that time..Tears, worries and sadness were coming like a tornado. Although my officers and the tour guide who accompanied the trip were helping me hardly in finding my passport, but at the end, they could not find my passport. Consequently, I was not allowed to pass the immigration like my friends. 

As far as i remember,after waiting for almost 1 hour in the immigration room, the Korean officer asked our advisor, Madam  Rusnani and the tour guide to leave the room. They cannot wait for me any longer since i was the only one that involved with this case and before they left me, they gave me some fruits and food.. Tears rushing down my face while seeing them leaving me.. Looking them till the last sight, i  wondered what will happen to me next..

The officer then brought me to the detention room. Although, i was walking in front of public, i didn't realize why  i was crying loudly like a hungry baby while walking with him. However, I felt so sorry to that man for doing that, but seriously i could not control my emotion at that time...huh!.Despite of my bad attitude, the man tried to persuade me by saying calmly "Kwen Chah Nah" which mean"It's okay". 

After 20 minutes  of walking and going through some procedures, I finally reached at the detention room. There, i met a lot of new "friends". They came from all over the world. Some of them came from China, Thailand and Mongolia. People come and go every hour depending on their case and their flight availability. Then while bringing my bag inside, I  noticed that there were two men  looking at me. I believed they were Indonesian by looking at their face. And yea, they came to introduce themselves  and tried to ask about my case. Pheww, i felt sooo relieved when i can speak with them!!At least, there were people who able to understand my language. 

Laying down, crying and praying...Hope for something good for me..sigh..

I could not sleep at that night. Trying to find out how to contact my family. There's no credits to call them. Even, I brought my laptop but I didn't have the password for the WIFI (of course). Then, when i asked  the officer about the password, he just shown the sign of X like Ultraman Mebius by using his hands...(which meant I cannot get it). Huh!  If my passport could not be found till the next morning, it meant, I will return back to Malaysia immediately. And that was confirmed.

The time was flying fastly like water. Just like my tears. At first, I planned just to hide the tragedy that had happened to me from my family. I was scared if my parents worried too much about me if they know what had happened. However, I could not wait anymore. Telling them is a must now! At least, they can pick me tomorrow at the airport. Suddenly, I saw one Chinese woman was using the Facebook happily (How could her). Then I tried to ask her about the password. At first, she seemed to ignore my request. After i kept on begging her, finally she helped me to connect to the WIFI. I quickly opened my Facebook  and the first message that i gave was to my sister. I told her that I have a big problem there and I really need her to check with the Air Asia about my passport.

 My sister, Nurhaffiza then spread the news to all my family members and my brother who worked with the Diplomatic tried so hard to contact with the Malaysian Embassy at South Korea and asked them to assist me.  Besides, my friends, Mahirah and her family also helped me a lot, they added my credit phone and help me to contact my family. Thank you Uncle Rashid and Auntie Syarifah.

Besides, my family put a very high effort to help me.My sister, Nurhaffizawati had emailed to Tony Fernandez, the CEO of Air Asia about this thing, asked his staff to check my passport and I do believe it won't work.. at all and yes it's!!! sigh...( Well, at least, she tried her best) Cryingggggg.  Finally, after waiting for the whole night, the embassy called me and said that they will come to see me tomorrow at 10.00 a.m and asked me not to attempt to run away if anything happen. The hope was there. But I didn't know whether I still have the chance to stay here a bit longer while waiting for my passport to be found.  

The next morning, the Korean officer told me that my flight will be at 8.50 a.m. With a heavy heart, I was accompanied by the staff  t,go to the flight. Deep in my heart, i prayed to God. Telling Him that I really want to stay here. My sister,Effa asked me to take pictures as many as  I can since I will never come back to this country again. Yea..Good Bye Korea.. Meet you in my dream..

Put a fake smile, snapping as many pictures as I could and waiting for the next fate. In the flight, I was thinking what will be the best story that I could share with my friends, relatives and lecturers who knew about my travel to South Koreaa...No Jeju, no Seoul story!!I just stayed at the airport for the whole time!Wuaaa

Meanwhile, I noticed that many passengers in Air Asia were looking weirdly at me because, I kept on crying and just stopped for the purpose of taking pictures..Haha(Sounds crazy right?). Yea... I felt it too..huhu..The steward and stewardess kept on coming and asked me many questions. They were the same staff that served me in my flight yesterday.They told me that they didn't find my passport in their cabin...I just listened to them with a plain mood...(The luck is always not belong to me)...sigh..

Because I didn't eat anything since yesterday, I felt very hungry in the flight.Although, they gave me Burger King with Coke in the detention room, but I did not feel confident to eat them. I tried to ask the steward whether my ticket that they gave was provided with the food. Unfortunately, there was no food booked for me (How could you). The steward named Putra gave me bread and a cup of hot Milo. He said, I didn't have to pay anything. He gave me for free!! Thanks brother!It's free, and I like it =)

When the flight landed at Malaysia,  I was accompanied by the stewardess until the immigration. Although i felt disappointed on myself but I can't deny that I felt soooo relived.At least, my family was there for me.  After, I switched on my phone, I realized that there were so many messages from my friends that told me about my passport. They said, someone has found my passport! And  I can pick it at Air Asia Malaysia now!!. They also asked me to come back again since my return ticket is still valid. Well, I just walked, put a small hope to return back but I knew it might be impossible since it required a lot of money for ticket .. I didn't have any idea for that. Then, I saw my mother at the arrival door, She's waving her hand when she saw me. I can see she's crying while hugging me with my dad...I smiled to them calmly deep inside my heart, I said "Mak, I am so sorry for making you worried about me..Sorry for disappointing you Abah" sigh...

My brother, Effie, asked me whether I want to go back to South Korea or not. Definitely I said  yes (although i have no money for the ticket =p). Then by collecting money from all of my family members,he asked my sister, Aqilah to book the ticket from MAS at that night..So,finally

Helllooo Koreaaa, I'm coming!! .....Again..hahaha

The beautiful arrangement to my fate from Allah to me..=)

Million of thanks to my family for their struggle and support to send me back to Korea..I heart them so much...

Travelling with MAS was super duper Heaven!!Delicious food, more relaxing and more space for me..haha
Departed at 11.30 P.M and arrived at 7.00 A.M

It's just like a deja vu when I arrived at the Incheon Airport. Everything seemed to be familiar to me..( Yea, I have been to this place yesterday..haha)

The place, where I supposed to do my passport checking with my friends yesterday...Oh Passport,where have you been yesterday? You supposed to be here dear! Please..  Don't do it again okay...(Emo for a while)

So, after getting my bag,  I was welcomed by this friendly and beautiful tour guide, Clara..She's from Busan actually..=P..Kamsahamida Onnie for helping me..Ippoyo..=)

I also have recorded something from her=)

  Jeju Island

Clara brought me to  Gimpo Airport to go to Jeju Island because all my friends were waiting for me there. It took almost 1 hour to arrive there and you know what, the services provided by the Korean Air are  super duper good! You will be not disappointed with their service. Friendly stewardess and I  was also mesmerized with the beauty of Korean Air stewardess,haha..Almost asking them what are the skincare products that they used...=P

When i reached Jejudo, I was welcomed by this Ahjushi and he brought me to the place where my group had gathered!!! Yeah!! I didn't talk to much with him since he did not speak English and I could not speak Korea (Of course) So, in order to make the environment in the car alive, i took my phone and played few Korean songs from the OST Stairways to Heaven (Bogoshipda) and My girl..hahahaha...He just laughed when I played that songs...(Hahahaha) poor you uncle...If you cannot speak to me, at least we can laugh together right? =P

Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak.My dream place.Unfortunately, I could not climb up there since my friends had just went down..and we did not have enough time to climb up again because we need to go to other places..huhu ...so sad..not my luck right...But seriously, this is the most favourite place that I want to go in Jeju Island. sigh..Never mind, next time, I will come again to this place!

By the way, before I forget,  let me introduce you to my group. IIUM team!!! In this trip, we were accompanied by three officers, Dr. Akmal, Madam Zuraida and Madam Rusnani. I really thanked them for their concern to my case including dealing with Embassy and also guiding me to come here.Thank you very much Dr and Madam. And not to forget,to all my friends here, they also gave me support during I was in the detention room.=)

Jeju Island, the island where you can find "heaven" there. Your trip to South Korea will not complete if you are not visiting Jeju Island.=P
I went to lot of places in Jeju Island like TESEUM(Teddy Bear Museum)
Jusangjeolli Cliffs,Yongduam Rock,Seonimgyo Bridge, Cheonjiyeon Falls and many more. Too many interesting places to write but believe me, Jeju Island is a must when you come here!!

Teddy Bear Museum or known as TESEUM...From the smallest bear to the biggest bear..Just name it..You will find all here..

My hotel...Looking good right..yeah, windy and fresh!!haha

The place where my favorite Korean Drama, Stairways to Heaven was shooted...Bogoshipda Lotte World=)

 I also went to Nami Nara or Nami Island that renowned with the Korean Drama, Winter Sonata..I love this drama long time ago.. The place is so romantic and good if you want to plan and go for your honeymoon=)

Wearing Hanbok,Korean Traditional Cloth, and also Kimchi making were the marvelous experiences ever. By the way, Kimchi is quite sour and spicy. It is good for me in reducing my weight..Believe me, I lost 7 Kilos here okay..hahahahahaha. 

Got the new friends here. Look at their skin...So flawless! Aww! I was informed that the secrets of Korean  beauty are because they love to eat Ginseng and also drink lot of plain water. They also love to walk instead of using the car to move...Wooooww..No wonder they are Ippoyo!!=P

I also love the food here especially the seaweed soup. There are quite a few Halal Food Restaurants here. So, don't worry too much about food. 

 Lastly, before we went back, the Korea Tourism Organization gave me and my friends this beautiful souvenirs. It contains a pair of spoons and chopsticks. The spoon here is slightly different compared to the ordinary one because it is longer and of course more beautiful..=) Anyway, thanks to KTO for providing us good service, showing your beautiful country and friendly people too. I am sure i will come again to your country=)

Bogoshipda Korea. Hope to come here again. Thanks for teaching me some lessons about places,people and friendship. Thanks for experience...and thanks God for the second chance you
 gave me. This travel is going to be the most unforgettable travel story ever !=)

P/S: I am now participating in this competition to make my dream to go to Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak. Let's join this competition and don't forget to vote for me ok!!=) 

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Sunday, 1 September 2013


Walau jauh aku melangkah..
Aku tetap tak dapat menyembunyikan yang aku sangat rindukan arwah nenek aku...
Aku rindu untuk melihatnya walaupun sepanjang hidupnya aku jarang ke biliknya
Aku rindu untuk memegangnya walaupun kadang2 aku culas untuk berbuat demikian tika dia masih hidup

Aku rindu untuk menyentuh urat2 di tangannya serta tangannya yang lembut berkedut
Aku rindukan nenek aku yang pergi tanpa sempat aku dipamit...

Aku rindu..Aku rindu...Aku rindu...

Friday, 30 August 2013

Hope to be the chosen one!

Alhamdulilah...Yesterday, I got unexpected news from IIUM. The email that i received yesterday mentioned that, I have been listed in top 5 graduating students for IIUM convocation this November.=) Daripada 5 yang terpilih, hanya seorang sahaja yang akan dipilih untuk menyandang gelaran pelajar terbaik. Bagi aku,
 segala-galanya adalah ketentuan Allah dan rezeki itu daripada Allah..Insya Allah, aku akan buat sehabis baik...Moga ada rezeki untuk ini.. Doakan semoga aku berjaya...Hope to be the chosen one! Chaiyuk2 Jane!

P/S :Berharap untuk berjaya di dunia dan di akhirat

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Seribu rasa hari pertama..

Alhamdulilah setelah melalui urusan temuduga di Jabatan Pendidikan Negeri kelmarin, petang itu jugak aku menerima surat pelantikan sebagai guru ganti di salah sebuah sekolah rendah di Perlis..Harini aku sudah memulakan tugas di situ...

21/8/2013: Temuduga bersama ustaz Zul
                 : Dapat surat pelantikan
                 : Terus tempah name tag
                 : Terus cari kasut cikgu2 kat Bata
22/8/2013  : 7.00: Jalan kaki ke sekolah sebab sekolah dekat cet..
                           : Jumpa kerani,dia pandang aku semacam..aku rasa aku kenai dia
                           : Jumpa Ustaz Asri...Dia masih ingat aku lagi..bekas pelajar situ..hehe
                           :Jumpa Ustazah Zuraida, dia cakap aku makin tembam..wakakakaka
                            : Naik darjah 2 B,budak2 kerja nak pi berak ja...
                             Naik darjah 5B,alamak ada sedara aku pulak dalam kelas ni..aku buat2 xnampak ja..
                             :Naik darjah 4A,aku cerita pasal kebaikan belajar bersungguh2..(dapat pi Korea) ngeh2
                  :1.20:  Balik dan terbongkang...................

Esok nak naik motor.................................................

Seribu satu rasa hari pertama


Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Di sebalik maksud R4BIA

Mungkin ada di antara kita yang masih tertanya-tanya kenapa ramai pengguna media sosial mula menukar avatar simbol 4 jari seperti di atas dan mula menggunakan hashtag ‪#‎R4BIA‬? Apakah maksud R4BIA tu?

1. Dalam bahasa Arab, Rabi’ah/arba’ah bermaksud Empat. Rab’ah (angka 4) dijadikan sebagai simbol keteguhan, kekuatan, perlawanan dan persatuan untuk seluruh dunia yang mencintai kebebasan.
2. Simbol 4 jari sebagai simbol untuk mengenang markas demonstran Pro Mursi di Rabi’ah yang telah dihancurkan oleh tentera junta. Simbol 4 jari untuk menunjuk ikon Rabi’ah.
3. Simbol 4 jari ini telah dilancarkan oleh Perdana Menteri Turki, Recep Tayip Erdogan mulai Sabtu semalam (17 Ogos 2013) setelah mengecam keras pembantaian yang dilakukan tentera junta Mesir yang terjadi pada hari Jumat dan Sabtu di Ramses Square dan Masjid Fatih yang dikepung tentera junta.
4. Tujuan avatar simbol #R4BIA dipakai oleh penyokong Morsi di media sosial seperti facebook dan twitter sebagai bentuk solidariti dan kepedulian terhadap apa yang berlaku di Mesir. Selain menimbulkan kesedaran orang ramai supaya lebih cakna mengenai krisis di Mesir sekarang ini.

Berikut antara isi pidato Erdogan dihadapan demnstran pro Mursi di Turki
1. Mereka yang menggulingkan pemerintah sah di Mesir & telah mengabaikan suara rakyat, kini mulai membantai rakyat mereka sendiri.
2. Ribuan warga Mesir berjalan menuju syahid berhadapan dengan tank para pelaku kudeta militer.
3. Anda dapat melihat di kaca tv secara live, seorang rakyat Mesir berdiri di depan tank, tanpa ada batu di tangannya. Tapi dia tetap ditembak.
4. Tidak ada yang membantu pemerintah Mesir saat Morsi berkuasa selama setahun. Baik Barat mahupun negara Teluk Arab.
5. Kini. $16 billion bantuan dikirim segera oleh negara-negara Teluk Arab bagi pemerintah kudeta. Kenapa semunafik itu? Sampai bila?
6. Mereka (negara-negara Teluk Arab) yang mengirim bantuan $ 16 billion kepada pemerintah kudeta di Mesir adalah sekutu kudeta.
7. Jumlah para syuhada yang dibantai kelmarin & hari ini (di Ramses Square) sudah 600 jiwa. Mereka menembak di tempat ibadah selama berminggu-minggu.
8. Mereka membunuh 53 saudara Mesir kami saat mereka melakukan solat subuh. Muslim apakah ini?
9. Mereka tanpa belas kasihan membunuh kanak-kanak, perempuan, dan membakar hospital.
10. Saya mengutuk semua serangan (tentera) terhadap masjid dan gereja.
11. Muslim Brotherhood is protecting churches. But those “well-known Gezi media” (Western media) say 30 churches were burned.
12. They also burned our mosques in Syria and Egypt. Bashar or Sisi, they have no difference.
13. Kekejaman di Mesir mungkin juga dilakukan di negara lain, mungkin “mereka” inginkan kekacauan di Turki juga.
14. Sebab mereka tak ingin Turki digdaya di kawasan ini. Saudara-saudaraku, kita akan gagalkan semua rencana itu dengan kesabaran.
15. Mari do’akan Syria & Mesir. 100000 rakyat Syria juga telah dibunuh kejam pemerintah diktator mereka.

Sumber: Mesir Kini

Friday, 16 August 2013

Pray for Egypt

Hati bergelojak membaca apa yang terjadi kepada Mesir
Tak mampu nak menceritakan tentang kegembiraan di sini sedangkan di sana menderita
Inilah yang dikatakan harapkan pagar,pagar makan padi
Harapkan tentera, tentera yang membunuh rakyatnya sendiri..

Maafkan aku rakyat Mesir,aku hanya mampu berdoa
Tiada daya mengangkat senjata

Harini hujan derita menimpa kalian semua
Aku pasti kesayangankan tuhanku, esok pasti cahaya bahagia menyinar semula..

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Untuk saudara-saudaraku di Mesir,Syria,Palestin dan Sri Langka


Harini seorang sahabat menawarkan seorang calon yang soleh kepadaku..
Adik ipar katanya..
Owh..menggeletar walaupun hanya membacanya..
Rasanya umurku baru 24..Terlalu tuakah aku jika masih bergelar bujang?

Imanku masih lagi cacat,kesolehanku masih lagi perlu dibaiki..
Dan hakikatnya aku sebenarnya takut..
Takut sekiranya aku tidak dapat membahagiakan dia..

Beri aku masa untuk berbakti untuk ibu dan ayahku..beri aku masa untuk lebih mencari ilmu
Aku takut kiranya aku gagal membahagiakan mereka bermakna aku akan gagal membahagiakanmu..
Maaf aku takut..

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Tawakkal sahaja?

Tawakkal sahaja tidak cukup
Hidup perlu berusaha,perlu ada "action"
Tidak boleh sekadar duduk di meja dan berangan menjadi kaya tanpa ada apa2 usaha

Hidup perlu berfikir
Menjadi senang bukan senang
Tapi menjadi susah sangatla senang

Sunday, 11 August 2013

finally...graduated with..

First Class Honour...heeeeeeee..Alhamdulilah...


Kita kerap melihat benda yang sama berulang-ulang...
Walaupun tahu ia tidak akan mengubah apa2
Tetapi mata tertumpu pada yang sama
Sedih kerana hanya mampu melihat tetapi tidak dapat mengubah apa2

lagu raya feveret =)

Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Malam terakhir bertarawikh dalam bulan Ramadhan..
Sayu rasanya hati......entah sepanjang Ramadhan ni diterima atau tidak segala amalan ..
Juga tertanya..entah berpeluangkah aku pada tahun hadapan untuk merasai nikmat Ramadhan..

Friday, 2 August 2013

Kap Ha Wau Ya Nun..

Kap Ha Wau Ya Nun...

Hahaha...tetiba nak wat ejaan jawi..actually aku tulis diari pun dalam jawi sebenarnya..Entahla pasaipa, mungkin sebab aku malu kot takut2 orang terbaca diari aku..Yalah kalau tulis melayu senangla nak faham,tulis jawi orang macam xberminat sangat nak baca..and to tell you the truth, aku sendiri pun malu nak baca balik diari sendiri..haha

Kap Ha Wau  Ya Nun...
Kalau disambung2kan ejaan huruf jawi tu maknanya " Kahwin"atau  omputih panggil marriage..

Lately banyak sungguh dapat undangan majlis perkahwinan kawan2 aku ni...Sungguh aku tak percaya yang aku dah mencapai umur 24 iaitu umur market tengah hot untuk kahwin...Tapi entahla...Berulang-ulang kali jugak aku ditanya bila nak kahwin,dah ada calon ke belum, bila nak makan nasik minyak dan seumpamanya..

Haha...malas nak jawab..Kat UIA tu ada ja..orang arabla banyak..Tapi sebagai gadis melayu, aku nak buatan Malaysia ja..haha..Kang amik orang luaq, dapat yang Syiah kang,ha tak pasal2 aku duk meraban-raban Usaaainnn..Ussainnnn..uSSAAAINN..kahkahkah..Ussain nama motor aku..Depa meraban pasal cucu Rasullullah,saidina Hussain....ish2..Tapi rakyat Malaysia pun dah banyak jugak Syiah kan...sadis betul..

whatever it is, seriously, buat masa sekarang,aku xtermampu lagik nak memikirkan pasal kahwin...Sebab banyak lagi kelemahan2 aku yang aku nak upgrade before getting married..U knowla..nak jadi isteri ni bukan mudah..Insya Allah, i put this target after i getting my master 1 or two year from now...Xdalah tua sangat umur 26 kahwinkan... haha...


Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Kat rumah aku tu,kalau Astro ada dalam bilik mak ayah aku ja...kalau kat ruang tv biasa xda..haha..Kebiasaan lepas tarawikh aku mesti lepak2 dalam bilik parents aku jap untuk tengok tv..Alih2 dalam banyak cerita aku terbekenan nak tengok cerita ni...Haduh...Sedihnya...laju ja air mata aku keluar..dengan music background lagi dengan memek muka pakcik ni lagi..Memang membuatkan perasaan aku sedih sangat..Agak klise la sebenarnya kalau cerita2 melayu anak derhaka nikan.. Si ayah meyerahkan tanah kepada anak untuk digadai buat meniaga,alih2 bila dah senang,ayah dilupakan..Cerita ni mengandungi banyak  pengajaran kepada aku...Aku harap bila aku senang esok2 dah reja,aku xbuat macamni kat mak dan ayah aku..

Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Hai..mood nak berblog dh kembali..Selamat berpuasa semua..hehe
dah hampir 9 hari kita berpuasakan..

Dalam waktu puasa ni banyak aku habiskan dengan mengisi borang..
Nak sambung study ada,nak kerja pun ada..

Alhamdulilah..secara rasminya bulan jun haritu aku dah tamat sebagai pelajar TESL..hehe

Insya Allah,bulan Oktober kalau tiada apa2 aral...aku akan bergraduasi..

Adakah tercapai hasrat aku untuk mendapatkan ijazah kelas pertama itu?

Kita tunguuuuuuu....hehe.


Thursday, 20 June 2013


Hi blog..How are you?Lama aku xtulis apa2 kat sini...kesian...Tulah...lately aku sibuk dengan praktikal aku..memang agak fokusla kalau bab2 praktikal nikan..tambah2 pulak bila mengajar ni..masa tu sangat2 penting..

Tapi sekarang Alhamdulilah..dah habis waktu praktikal..legala skit..hehe..sekarang aku kena rancang masa depan aku...tgkla camanakan..

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Dia anak muridku...

Harini aku menjaga kelas peperiksaan pendidikan islam di kelas dia...
Hanya tuhan yang tahu betapa nak saja aku lari daripada menjaga kelas tu bila teringatkan dia..

Masa aku masuk untuk edarkan kelas periksa, dia baru masuk..badan dah bau rokok..aku tahu pelajar aku ni mesti dah pekena rokok sebatang sebelum masuk jawab exam..

Sebelum exam,aku akan arahkan semua pelajar meletakkan beg dan buku masing2 di luar dan selepas pastikan tiada beg yang tinggal di dalam,barula aku suruh pelajar2 mula menjawab..Sekali, bila aku pandang ja tempat dia, rupa2nya dia tengah menjawab soalan peperiksaan sambil tangan membaca buku pendidikan islam...

Tiba2 terasa darahku naik sampai ke otak.. Kalau nak diikutkan..nak saja aku peronyokkan kertas jawapan dia.. Tapi memandangkan aku rasa, keadaan dia akan menjadi lebih worst kalau aku biarkan dia tanpa apa2 untuk dijawab, jadik aku cuma ke tempat dia dan mengambil buku yang dipegang..Ya aku xtegas tapi aku tahu dia akan mengganggu kawan2 yang lain kalau aku rampas soalan dia...

Selepas aku merampas buku...dia masih xmnjawab soalan..terus bermain-main dan bergelak tawa..Aku memandang dengan pandangan tajam, nak jerit, aku takut akan mengganggu pelajar2 yang lain...Jadi aku tuliskan nama dia di papan putih... Nah, senyap pun...Tapi xlama lepas tu,masukla cikgu lain...Lagilah bertambah bising....

Apa yang aku tahu...anak muridku itu bukan sekadar perokok tapi juga penghisap ganja....dia sendiri pernah mengaku yang dia memang mengambil ganja untuk menghilangkan tekanan...Walaupun agak kaget dengan pengakuannya tapi aku dapat mengagak apabila aku melihat banyak simptom2  penyalahgunaan  dadah yang ada kepadanya..Sayangnya.....Pelajar yang begitu berkebolehan seperti dia menjadi terus kecundang dek kerana dadah..

Apa perlu aku buat untuk pelajar yang begini.....

Monday, 6 May 2013

Pulang semula ke perantauan..

Tinggal lagi beberapa jam untuk aku meninggalkan bumi Perlis tercinta ni...
Jauhnya aku datang,hanya semata-mata untuk menunaikan tanggungjawab aku sebagai pengundi...

Semalam sampai tertidur aku di depan laptop untuk menantikan keputusan pru 13 secara langsung..

Bangun pagi seusai subuh...aku terus mencapai laptop dan akhirnya aku mendapati yang BN menang... Perlis masih lagi dikuasai BN..

Perasaan.....Biarla tuhan sahaja yang tahu...Hidup dalam kelompok rakan2 dan ahli keluarga sendiri yang mempunyai pelbagai ideologi politik menyebabkan aku lebih banyak melihat daripada bercakap..Xmengapalah..Bagi aku..Yang penting aku tahu siapa aku nak undi..Biar aku dikata pengecut kerana tidak menyatakan secara terang-terangan siapa yang aku pilih asalkan tiada hati2 ahli keluarga dan rakan-rakan yang aku guris..

Apa2pun..Bagi aku, sebagai anak muda, jangan hanya bergantung dengan apa yang kita lihat dikaca ditv dan baca di akhbar.. Perbanyakkan bacaan dan kajian tentang politik di negara kita.. Jangan hanya melihat disebelah pihak..

#Pkul 10 malam...aku akan pulang semula ke perantauan.....hiba atau gembira? Biarlah rahsia.....

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Wordless Wednesday=)

hahahahahha...aku baru terjumpa gambar kat atas ni....Can't help myself to laugh like crazy..Tulah perempuan...

Friday, 5 April 2013

Appreciation Night=)

Hai blog aku...Lama xjumpa...hehe...Alhamdulilah, this week so many happy things yang berlaku dalam hidup aku....Makan free hampir setiap hari sebab cikgu2 lain selalu bawak makanan, pot luck katanya,  pelajar2 pun makin ok dengan aku, Alhamdulilah n dalam minggu ni jugak ada malam penghargaan untuk pelajar2 yang dapat Dean's List sem lepas..

Selain tu..aku jugak diminta memberi sedikit ucapan pada malam tersebut sebagai   salah satu perkongsian kepada rakan2 dan jugak junior tentang penglibatan aktif aku dalam bidang kokurikulum n akademik  ni...huhu..Alhamdulilah,segala-galanya berjalan baik cuma  bila dah nervous sangat nak sepiking london ni adalah tersilap sebut sikitkan...hehehee..malu ja nooks..

Need to brush up my English more!!=)

At the CAC building.

My last dean's list certificate=)

Sebelah aku ni budak terpandai tesl..haha..amik berkat budak pandai ja aku ni...

Pasni dh xda dean's list2 lagi dh...sebabnya credit hours dh kurang daripada 15, so fokus untuk mendapatkan ijazah kelas pertama la pulak...Kalau di UIA,ijazah kelas pertama 3.60 above...Hopefully...adala rezeki aku untuk aku hadiahkan kepada ahli keluarga aku=)

P/S: Which country is the best to pursue my master in TESL?

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Kembali dengan matlamat

Lusa..aku akan kembali ke sekolah
Ehm...menghabiskan separuh lagi praktikal aku..dh xlama dah
14 Jun 2013 bersamaan dengan hari Jumaat,maka akan tamatla kerja aku sebagai guru praktikal...jadi lebih kurang 2 bulan camtula lagik..

So far,aku dah diobserve oleh pensyarah2 dan guru pembimbing aku sebanyak 3 kali...ada lagi tiga kali lagi..,komen2 yang diterima daripada mereka agak baik, Alhamdulilah..

Apa2pun,still aku rasa berdebar...tu ja yang salu aku akan rasa bila nak masuk ke kelas...berdebar dan berdebar..

Nevertheless,aku sudah ada matlamat yang tersendiri di sekolah tu...sudah ada beberapa orang pelajar yang menarik perhatian aku..mereka aset sekolah yang mereka sendiri tidak tahu yang mereka memang aset sekolah yang berharga..Hazim, Rahim, Abi, Afifi,Taqudin,Srineevasa...I would like to make you discover your own potential to become a very good human..You will..I believe you will find it..

Salah seorang students aku sudah menunjukkan perubahan positif setelah aku memberikan sedikit kata2 semangat kepada mereka yang duduk di kelas yang kesepuluh daripada sebelas kelas tingkatan 4, mereka mampu berjaya jika mereka berusaha bersungguh-sungguh,Alhamdulilah...Safiq seorang pelajar yang duduk di belakang,main2 ketika aku mengajar sudah mula duduk di hadapan, mula bertanya jika tidak faham,  berterima kasih ketika aku memberikan sesuatu dan meminta maaf jika dia membuat kesilapan kepadaku dan guru2 dan lain...Alhamdulilah..Aku tak ragu2 memberikan dia anugerah pelajar terbaik bulan Mac..Semoga perubahannya berkekalan...

Aku sayang pelajar2 aku...Dan aku harapkan pengakhiran yang baik untuk aku dan mereka


Mimpi semalam...
Best kalau jadi kenyataan..

Tapi mimpi hanya mimpi
Mungkin boleh jadi kenyataan
Tapi kenyataan selalunya tak seindah mimpi

Semoga kenyataan esok akan baik-baik sahaja..

Monday, 25 March 2013

Mac yang sangat best

Hai blog...Apa kabor?

Terasa lama kita tidak berjumpakan..hehe.semenjak melangkah ke alam praktikal ni,aku mengaku,sememangnya aku memang tak dak masa nak update2 blog ni..huhu... Ni pun sebab cuti sekolah,kalau tak...ehm...memang bersawang lagila nampaknya blog aku ni...

Dalam entri aku yang sebelumnya,aku menyatakan semoga dalam bulan ni,aku nak jadi seorang guru yang paling gembira sekali..Dan Alhamdulilah,Allah makbulkan impian aku melalui kejutan hari lahir aku daripada pelajar2 aku...Subhanallah..Gembira bukan kepalang aku rasa..Tak pernah aku rasa segembira macamtu sepanjang aku kat sekolah tu..hehehe..

Malam sebelum hari kejadian,aku ada merungut-rungut kat kawan aku..stressnya jadik cikgu ni,sampaikan aku rasa macam nak cari kerja lain,xnak aku nak jadik cikgu ni..Ntahlah..tapi memang dalam minggu tu aku sangat stress..

Keesokan harinya tu plak..aku rasa downla untuk ke sekolah..lemah ja kaki aku melangkah..Walaupun ada kawan2 aku yang nyanyi bagai nak rak lagu besday kat aku dalam kereta,tapi semuanya macam masuk telinga kanan,keluar kot lubang hidung kiri ja time tu..(heartless) hahahaha...Tapi aku hargaila nyanyian dorang tu..=P

Sekolah aku bermula pada pukul 7.30 pagi dan kebiasaannya akan ada perhimpunan sebelum masuk ke kelas, kiranya..kalau mana2 cikgu yang ada kelas pagi time tu, for sure budak2 dia akan masuk lambat sebab ada perhimpunan harian tu..

Kebetulan pagi tu aku ada kelas pagi,masuk ke kelas dengan perasaan yang berdebar sangat sebab kelas ni agak "lain" dari yang "lain"..Ada pelajar2 dia yang agak "lain" sikit dan menyebabkan aku memang akan berdebar sebelum masuk..huhu..

Masuk ja dalam kelas, ada berapa ketul ja budak2..Hairan jugak aku tapi aku fikir mungkin budak2 ni masih di perhimpunan,yalah kadang2 after perhimpunan pun diorang ada perjumpaan bola jaringla, pengawasla, rumah sukanla..jadik lambatla skit masuk ke kelaskan..Then, aku teruskan mengajar...Tapi dalam 10 minutes after,rasa pelik mula menjalar...Eh,kenapa lama sangat budak2 ni xmasuk ni...ramai plak tu..Yang budak2 perempuannya pun sama..kalau tak,budak2 laki ja lambat..Ni budak2 perempuan pun..Then aku pun terjenguk2la kat luar koridor...Hai,mana pulak budak ni..Ni kalau pengetua lalu ka guru kanan mai ka,memang naya aku...dahla selalunya akan datang pemantauan 5 minit daripada dorang..

Last2 aku tanya budak2 tu,dorang kata kat assembly lagi...Tiba2 masuk seorang pelajar lelaki ni suh aku ikut dia...Nak berbincang katanya..Hati mula bertambah pelik..Bincang mendanya budak ni..dh masuk lambat nk ajak berbincang pulak dah..

Aku wat2la acuh tak acuh nak ikut dia...Last2,dia lari keluar sambil membebel-bebel...(sebab gagal pujuk aku untuk ikut dia gamaknya) hahaha..

Tiba2 budak2 belakang duk main2 lampu kelas...hai...

Elok2 ja aku berpaling ke luar pintu, tiba2 terdengar bunyik ramai2...n nampakla cahaya something....n suddenly.."Happy birthday to you!!!!!!!!!Happy birthday to Miss Jannah!!!!!!!!!!!Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!waaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....serius aku terbeliak mata sekejap pastu terlihatla sebijik kek bersama lilin disuakan dihadapan aku...eceh..hehehe...first time kek aku berlilin...hahahaha...(mak aku xpernah ajar pakai lilin kat kek)=P

Senyum ja tgk kek ni sambil disaksikan hampir 80 orang pelajar2 aku yang datang daripada kelas2 lain..hehehe..Ya Allah..terima kasih..
(By the way, aku tiupla jugak lilin kek ni walaupun sebenarnya hati agak berat, faham2 jelah..)

Lepas2 dorang bagi kek tu aku simpan sekejap dan mengajar dulu sebelum aku kasik dorang makan...Yalah,party2 jugak learning outcomes dalam lesson plan kenalah achieve jugak..hehehehe...

Lepas2 habis belajar,aku pun bagi ja dorang makan...

 Kesiankan tgk budak2 ni...rupa2nya dorang takleh makan dalam kelas...lepas aku kuar ja kelas,terus aku kena sound ngan guru kanan sebab bagi dorang makan..hahahaha...xpa,sekali sekala kena sound pun best jugak...hahahahaha...(malas nak bertekak,memang salah aku pun, maaf ya cikgu,saya kesiankan dorang dh siap bawak pinggan ngan cawan dh,jadi saya bagi jalah makan)
  Ni antara hadiah2 yang aku terima...hehehe..ish..suka wat aku touching budak2 ni..Mujur aku xnangis depan dorang..
 Ada mungerrrr ngan kad...hahahahaha

 Terharu dapat cheese tart daripada khadijah ni..sedap..dia buat sendiri katanya...=P..Thanks dear..

Keronsang daripada Hidayah...cantik sangat...=)

Kad daripada Group of Six..kawan2 terbaik aku..Jah, Cik A,Leha,Jimah ngan Imah..=)

 Ni dorang bawak aku makan lamb chop plus mix ombo...perghhh...sedap giler...sedap sebab free..dorang belanja..hahahahahaha..maceh kawan2 aku..sayang ampa...=P

It's so delicious because it's FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahaha..kat HR STEAK HOUSE!!

Balik tu barulah tengok hadiah..=)
 From 4 Aset...=)
  From Afifi Najib.."Cikgu,jangan bukak kat sini tau,bukak kat rumah"

"Napa,kalau saya nk bukak dalam bilik guru boleh tak?"

"Janganla cikguuuu...bukakla kat rumah...."katanya separuh merayu

bahahahaha...bukak2....gulp..Hello Kitty sangat..hahahahahaha..makaseh Afifi..

  From Bhavani...my indian student...comel=)..Macam tahu2 ja warna feveret aku..tgk..sama warna ngan karpet bilik aku ja..hehe
 Actually..to tell you the truth..nila first time aku dapat bunga...hahaha..tu yang wat mak rasa sebak sangat nak...sob3..

Malam tu,mak aku singgah jap UIA...Antar kek,mula2 abanga aku kata nak wat seprais,tapi ayah aku dah kol awal2 dah kata nak bawak kek,makan ngan kawan2...hahaha...xjadikler sepraisnya..tapi xpa,apa2pun aku memang suka makan kek..tu adalah fakta..haha

 Kek aku dh dirasmikan awal2 oleh abang aku kat Putrajaya seblum dibawa ke UIA..hahaha..
Kak ipaq aku bagi...maybe sebab dia tengok aku macam teringin tapi kedekut nak laburkan kat produk ni..Tapi hakikatnya..aku takut nak pakai sebab mahaiiiii..hahaha...anyway,thanks kak eja...anda memang kak ipaq yang memahami saya..hehehe

Wah,panjang entri aku kali ni...heheh...By the way..kat sini,aku nk ucapkan terima kasih kat Allah sebab masih bagi aku peluang untuk hidup,mak abah yang membesarkan aku dengan penuh kasih sayang,adik beradik yang berada dibelakang aku sewaktu susah dan senang dan rakan2 yang memberi sokongan dan kasih sayang sepanjang aku hidup n tak dilupakan pelajar2 yang sudah berada dalam kalendar hatiku...Thank You very much..Doakan aku berjaya dunia dan akhirat..Mudah-mudahan aku menjadi insan  yang berguna kepada masyarakat..Amin=)