Thursday, 27 September 2012

My best friends=)

Lately..too many things happened around IIUM which make me unable to online..Pre-Marriage Course, Campus Election, MCAC Program and etc..But then..Alhamdulilah, till tonight, i still in Moot Court, AIKOL for the MCAC program, standing for Mahallah Cleanliness & Awareness Campaign and waiting for the result of the best block in mahallah for tonight...Hopefully, tonight, I will  return back to Aminah with a big smile=) Amin..

Last week, one of my best friends,Dijah invited me to her kenduri at her house in Negeri Sembilan. Unfortunately. I was unable to make it since i need to attend the pre-marriage course organized by IIUM..

Suddenly, one of my best friends, osya texted me that she was there also..Hai..sayangnya..It's been so long and i haven't seen her face( Lagu AKON)bahaha.. Teringatla juga kat budak Ausie tukan..Lama dh xjumpa..huhu

Nila Osya..The one that I suddenly met in front of Khadijah College Lift, CFS Petaling Jaya in 2007 and become my best friend until now..Her life, her determination to run her life and her Hijrah when she was in Australia have turned my perception about life and make me more appreciate about myself and Allah..  she  is also one of the most wonderful friends that i have ever met in my life.=)

Khadijah, in between of Syar and her mother (Mak Syar) ..Ehm..Mak dia cantikkan,nampak muda sangat...Like mother like her daughter's friend lakan..(tetiba) hahaha..

So, before i end up my writing,  i would like to express my congratulation to both of my friends Syar and also Khadijah for their outstanding performance as a human at the age of 23..hehe..tudia ayat aku..

Khadijah is a.. 
Master Student in Arabic Language in IIUM and while studying she is  also doing part time Arabic lecturer in USIM..Masya Allah2!!hebak kang dia?

Syar pulak 
has already graduated from Queensland University in Australia..and now, she's doing something for the betterment of ummah..=)..Tahniah sahabat! Tahniah sangat2.. Saya amat mengkagumi anda=)

Dan aku pulak..masih di sini,terkontang-kanting menyudahkan assignment,presentation dan program2 aku di peringkat ijazah...huhu..Sedihla jugak sikit2kan, orang lain dah keja n wat master bagai, yang aku..camniiiiii lagi.... Tapi..Xpa..biar lambat asal selamat..hahaha...slamat sangatlakan...=)

Venue: Moot Court,AIKOL,IIUM


Anonymous said...

My dear friend Jannah Othman!!!
Thank you so much jane....
awak ni...
awaklah our best friend till JANNAH tau!!
Anyway, my dear friend...
Semoga Allah memberkati dan merahmati hubungan kita berdua untill JANNAH....
Ammminnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.. ;-)
Kan syaaaaa.....hu3... ;-)

Syar said...